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Synthetic belts

The comprehensive range of Ammeraal Beltech synthetic belting is able to fulfill the needs for light to heavy processing and conveying applications in all market segments. For example:

Food industry: fabric coated Nonex PVC and Ropanyl polyurethane belts for non-stick applications; oil and fat resistant belts for conveying and processing (also in the non-food colour blue), hygiene improving solutions: anti-microbial belts, sealed belt edges (Amseal), non-fray edges (KleenEdge).

Airports, Logistics & Mail: Flexam PVC belts for general conveying; Ropanol polyurethane impregnated belts for accumulation and loading sideways; polyester/wool felt belts for impact.

Tobacco processing: safe Peflex polyethylene and Amtel polyester belts for green leaf, primary processing and secondary manufacturing.

Automotive, Rubber & tire: Silam silicone coated belts for non-stick and high temperature in mixing room applications; durable Ropanol polyurethane impregnated belts for accumulation.

Paper & print: high grip Pletex and Elastoflex thermoblend belts, excellent mechanical properties combined with wear resistant characteristics.


Modular belts

Ammeraal Beltech, under the brandname Uni-Chains, sets new standards in modular belting technology with our new generation uni Flex ASB side flexing belts. These belts are the perfect solution to combine straight and side flexing belts in one smooth running conveyor.

The wide range of straight uni-chains plastic modular belts offer proven solutions in Corrugated, Automotive, Food (bakery, meat & poultry, snack food, vegetable) and Packaging applications.

Together with the unique pin-less uni Flex ONE tight radius side flexing belt, we offer the best solutions for many spiral systems in drying, proving, cooling, chilling or freezing applications.


High Performance Flat Belts

The complete range of high quality power transmission belts are made by using state-of-the-art production equipment, including classic nylon core belting as well as modern belt constructions with thermoplastic inner layers. In addition, special fabrics for low tensions ensure that the correct belt is specified for stable running and tracking in all operating modes.

RAPPLON® range of high performance flat belts features a range of drive belts designed for manufacturing processes. Drive surfaces are wear-resistant with high grip or low friction to guarantee uniform and stable speed transmission.

Surface covers include fabric, leather, natural rubber, elastomer and many thermoplastic coatings, and for special applications seamless covers are also available.


Timing Belts

The timing belt range offered by Ammeraal Beltech is the ideal solution if your product or production process demands accurate synchronisation of time and distance.

We have a variety of standard solutions for all types of synchronized conveying, linear positioning and power transmission requirements, offering different pitches, tooth shapes, dimensions, cord and covering materials.

In addition, we can offer special treatments to the belt surface such as grinding, milling or the attachment of cleats if required. All in all, the outstanding mechanical and chemical properties of our timing belts will bring you high performance operation and precision at all times.


Engineered Belts

Even extremes of strength, exact dimensional tolerances and surface quality specification can be catered for using our modern fabrication techniques.

We know that your processes and equipment are unique to your business and standard belting sometimes just isn’t enough. That’s why the Ammeraal Beltech range of engineered belts are designed to meet all possible requirements by offering an extensive range of belts and cover materials.

  • Feed belts - for box folding machines in the carton folding industry 
  • Pull down belts - for vertical form-fill-seal bagging machines
  • Postal feed belts - for mail sorting machines 
  • Engineered cable pulling belts - for pulling and processing applications in the cable and wire industry 
  • Sausage manufacturing belts - specifically designed for the industrial sausage production 
  • Plastic and rubber extrusion belts

Endless Woven Belts

Ammeraal Beltech’s in-house weaving and coating facilities make it possible to offer a wide range of endless and non-endless coated and/or profiled fabric constructions. These can incorporate many natural and synthetic yarns such as cotton, flax, polyamide, polyester and Aramid. A wide variety of covers and profiles is available to finish your custom made Belt.

The unique flexibility of our endless woven belting range is shown by the fact that extremely heavy armoured cables can be processed with the same degree of smoothness as biscuit dough passing over a knife edge. No matter which industry, Ammeraal Beltech’s seamless endless woven belts can offer the right solution to meet your specific application needs. The range comprises:

Standard range:

  • AmDough belts; rotary moulders and cutters.
  • AmPull belts; caterpillars and capstans.
  • AmWrap belts; coil wrapping.
  • AmPress belts; wood pre-pressing.
  • AmSqueeze belts; separators.
  • AmTube belts; tube winding.

Other applications:

  • Cooling / wrapper belts in the aluminium industry.
  • Printing belts in the leather industry.
  • Weighing belts.
  • PVC-Foil production.
  • Food scanning.

Soliflex Belts

"When hygiene is of the utmost importance"

A new generation of belts is ready to help food processing companies to meet stricter hygiene demands.

Working closely with OEM's and end users, Ammeraal Beltech has developed a range of Soliflex Homogeneous Belts without a fabric tension member. The Soliflex PRO range has lugs on the bottom side to achieve a positive drive. These belts can be installed to existing conveyors.

The Soliflex PRO range is particularly suitable for applications in the food industry. Typical applications are situations where hygiene is of the utmost importance, such as:

  • Meat & poultry processing
  • Vegetable processing
  • Fish and seafood processing
  • Dairy products
  • Confectionery products
  • Bakery products

 Soliflex PRO combines the benefits of fabric based Conveyor Belts and Modular Belts into one unique self-tracking product. The smart concept enables easy cleaning which reduces your total cleaning costs.

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Ammeraal Belting is a light weight belt used in airports, food processing plants, textiles, printing companies, as well as many other industries.


Ammeraal Beltech

Ammeraal Beltech offers a full range of high quality light weight conveyor belts in rubber Elastomer, Polyolefin and Silicone for every kind of industry. We have the technology and experience to fulfill your most demanding material handling needs efficiently and effectively.

  • Fabric polyester/cotton fabric belts with easy release properties.
  • Abrasion resistant Nitrile belts for many applications.
  • Butyl food grade belts for in the food industry.
  • SBR rubber belts for general conveying applications.
  • NR (natural rubber) belts for Airport and Logistic industry.
  • Silam easy release silicone belts for food industry.

Elastomer Belts

Ultrasync Belts

Ammeraal Beltech has combined the great benefits of Synthetic, Modular and Timing Belts to create the Ultrasync range of belting; the 3-in 1 problem solver. This belt range is a combination of features and belting technology which is different to conventional systems.  

In short, the Ultrasync belting technology by Ammeraal Beltech has improved reliability, gives better tracking, less slippage and improved hygiene. Good tracking of the Ultrasync Belts reduces the risk of fraying, eliminating foreign body risk and improving plant uptime as there is less need to stop and replace.

Main advantages of Ultrasync Belts:

  • Positive drive - no slippage 
  • High acceleration, synchronizing, and multi stop/start
  • Improved tracking properties
  • Unique Food Grade (EC and FDA) top covers
  • Highly resistant to oil and fats
  • No re-tensioning needed
  • Small drive pulleys - compact conveyor design

Ultrasync Belts are suitable for many industry segments, e.g. the food industry, tyre building and curing and the hygiene paper production. Learn more about the benefits of Ultrasync Belts for these industries.


Download the Ultrasync Brochure for more information.

Download the Soliflex Brochure for more information.