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Conti-Tech Belt Types

Plylon Plus


Plylon Plus is a premium all-purpose fabric conveyor belt construction that can be used in a variety of industries and applications with most of the exclusive ContiTech rubber cover compounds.

Features & Benefits:

  • Excellent fastener holding retention: High strength fill cords enhance mechanical fastener holding ability and resist fastener pull-out for reliable performance and increased uptime.
  • Excellent rip, tear and impact resistance: Specially designed crimped warp cords straighten on impact and then recover their original shape. This enables the fabric to absorb greater impact loads and resist tearing for long-lasting durability and a lower cost-per-ton conveyed.
  • High ultimate strength: Plylon Plus withstands severe tension spikes at start-up, retains mechanical fasteners and withstands continuous flexing around pulleys. This higher ultimate strength makes a critical difference in abusive operating conditions.
  • Reduced stretch: The combination of fabric design and dip process provides lower elasticity and permanent elongation on all specifications. This minimizes take-up concerns and reduces the number of splices at break-in.
  • Variety of cover compounds and cover gauges: Protect your product with the proper compound and cover gauge for the application. Plylon Plus has the flexibility to customize a belt to your application.
  • Variety of fabric carcasses: Choose from a selection of carcasses that provide outstanding strength, adhesion, impact absorption and other properties. These include fabric carcasses from 220 to 1800 PIW.

Solar Shield

Solar-Shield XL 750 heat belt is offered with polyester/nylon, polyester/polyester and fiberglass fabric reinforcements. It offers high performance in extreme hot material applications. The fiberglass fabric option offers the highest degree of burn-through resistance of any current available fabric reinforcement.

Features & Benefits:

  • Heat-resistant cover resists cracking and hardening: Solar-Shield XL 750 belting performs over the long run while retaining its flexibility despite punishing conditions and loads. Less cracking and hardening translates into longer life and reduced replacement costs. The Solar-Shield XL 750 compound improves heat resistance above and beyond our 400°F (204°C) compound and significantly extends belt life. The Solar-Shield¨ XL 750 was designed to handle hot material loads up to 750°F (399°C), providing extreme longevity in severe heat applications.
  • High-temperature resistance to tearing and abrasion: Load after load, Solar-Shield XL 750 stands up to prolonged exposure. This reduced maintenance and downtime helps lower overall operating costs.
  • Synthetic carcass construction: Solar-Shield XL 750Õs synthetic carcass provides great dimensional stability and strength at high temperatures and operating tensions up to 1200 PIW.
  • Solar-Shield XL 750 carcass with fiberglass reinforcement: Fiberglass reinforcement throughout all plies of the carcass provides maximum protection when temperatures are not constant. The carcass stands up to Òhot shots,Ó resisting burn-through up to 1000°F (538°C).

Wood Sawyer

Increase efficiency and decrease downtime by installing ContiTech Wood Sawyer Plus conveyor belts. Their outstanding service life results in a lower cost-per-ton for the wood industry. In the long run, that means carving out a better bottom line.

Features & Benefits:

  • High ultimate strength: ContiTech Wood Sawyer and Wood Sawyer Plus withstand severe tension spikes at start-up, retain mechanical fasteners longer and withstand continuous flexing around pulleys. This higher ultimate strength makes a critical difference in abusive operating conditions.
  • Superior abuse resistance: High strength crimped cords allow the fabric to absorb greater impact loads and resist tearing when stretched over objects trapped between the belts and the pulleys.
  • Superior MORS cover compound: MORS is recognized as the wood product industryÕs premium choice for moderate terpene resistance. Its abrasion-resistant properties make it the best value for handling wood chips.
  • Excellent fastener holding: Innovative fill cord design minimizes belt tracking problems and reduces damage due to misalignment. High strength cords in the fill direction work together to resist fastener pull-out.
  • Excellent adhesion values: Superior adhesion protects against premature belt failure due to heavy impact, abuse, trapped material and edge damage.


ContiTech Flexsteel belts are custom designed to meet the specific needs of the given application, providing superior protection against the abuse of conveying virtually any material. Flexsteel Belts' steel cord provides superior impact resistance, with the number and size being selected to meet the desired operating tension and application needs. The insulation gum is specifically designed to encapsulate each steel cord filament to reduce internal friction while providing enhanced adhesion to the cover rubbers. Top and bottom covers provide maximum protection to the steel cord. The cover compounds are specifically designed to meet the demands of the application and are available in a wide variety of rubber types and gauges.

Features & Benefits:

  • High Tension Capabilities: Flexsteel belts handle the most demanding applications. ContiTech continue to lead the industry in designing the strongest belts to meet the growing demand for long overland systems.
  • Fewer Transfer Points: Flexsteel's high-tension capabilities permit extremely long centers, exceptionally high lifts and multiple horizontal curves. This allows the designer to reduce the number of transfer points to minimize a major source of maintenance headaches and downtime.
  • Limited Take-up Travel: Flexsteel belts elongate a maximum of 0.25% at rated tension. This allows lower cost take-up systems on many applications and makes Flexsteel the preferred choice for long overland and short stacker/reclaiming systems, where minimum elongation is critical.
  • Life-long Splices: Contitech's proven splicing methods, validated on our Two-Pulley Splice Tester, result in dynamic splice efficiencies in excess of the 50% rating defined in DIN 22110 Part 3. With proper technique, splices on Flexsteel belts should last the life of the belt. And when your belt is expected to last 20 years, that is a long time.
  • High Impact Resistance: Our advanced cover compounds and insulation gum's superior adhesion combine to provide the impact, tear and abuse resistance your applications demand.
  • Superior Troughing Characteristics: Because Flexsteel belts are not interwoven in the transverse direction, they offer superior troughability. Even the highest strength Flexsteel belts on steep angle idlers will trough perfectly, leading to easy belt training and full load capacity.
  • Exceptional Belt Training: Flexsteel belts are built in a "uniplane" construction, where cords are laid in precisely the same plane with tension carefully controlled and equalized under cure. Belts run straight and true because cords are laid with alternating left and right hand twist. Flexsteel's superior troughing characteristics help ensure that the belt is in constant contact with idlers, which further enhances its ability to run straight.
  • Lower Cost-Per-Ton: Fewer conveyors and splices, shorter take-ups and reduced belt inventory add up to significant cost savings right up front. Longer belt life, life-long splices, excellent belt training and reduced downtime save you even more down the road. Overland conveyors are typically more efficient than trucks or rail. It all adds up to the a lower cost-per-ton of material conveyed, which can make a major improvement in your bottom line.