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6740A: Compounded for excellent heat and abrasion resistance in temperature ranges of 350˚F (177°C) for lumpy material and up to 250˚F (121°C) for hot baking loads.

Alumina –HOT: Specifically designed compound intended for usage at alumina facilities where alumina material temperatures range up to 400°F.

Defender® Plus: An ARPM Grade I rubber compound designed to provide excellent abrasion resistance, very good gouge resistance and excellent flexing life.

Easyrider®: A low rolling resistance family of compounds for the pulley cover side only which is designed to reduce the energy cost by minimizing indention energy loss to idlers. Proven with over 600 miles of belt in operation, the LRR Easyrider™ compound can provide up to 20% reduction in energy consumption compared to standard compounds and the SLRR Easyrider™ compound can provide up to 32% reduction in energy consumption.

FR-2G: Designed especially for aboveground prep plants, power plants and non-coal underground mining applications and meets ASTM D378-13.2 (old MSHA CFR 30 part 18) flame test standard.

FRAR-2G: Designed for non-coal underground mining and surface applications that meet ASTM D378-13.2 (old MSHA CFR 30 part 18) flame test standard and offers approximately 70% more abrasion resistance than FR-2G.

FRORS-2G: Moderate resistance to oil and static conductive, this compound is designed for oily coal or coke material. FRORS-2G meets ASTM D378-13.2 (old MSHA CFR 30 part 18) flame test standard.

FRAS-SA & FRAS-C: Fire retardant antistatic belting is certified by the Canadian Department of Energy, Mines and Resources, Ottawa to CAN/CSA M422M87, Type C, for below surface use as well as other mining operations. FRAS-SA offers approximately 40% better abrasion resistance than FRAS-C compound.

GRADE II: An ARPM Grade II rubber compound designed to provide good abrasion and gouge resistance and very good flex life.

GLOBAL X®: Meets ARPM Grade I and DIN X standards. Offers superior cut and gouge resistance and very good abrasion resistance

Contitech Cover Compounds

ContiTech cover compounds provide the ultimate protection for your belt carcass so that you realize a lower cost-per-ton conveyed and your system requires less maintenance. The innovative, thermoset-formulated compounds provide protection and performance in even the toughest applications. Contitech offers a wide variety of cover compounds to meet your specific application requirement. The manufacturing process is vertically integrated and unique to the conveyor belt industry.