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Pro Duty Drum Pulleys

The "Pro Duty" drum pulley is a single drum pulle line that can be used everywhere from light aggregate conveyor to the toughest quarry duty application. You do not need to guess what pulley you need because the Pro Duty covers them all!


  • Profiled end disc technology reduces stresses because of improved flexibility. These end discs are machined from solid steel with an integral hub rather than using a welded hub which conventional pulley construction uses.
  • Generous machined radius with no weld removes stress risers and eliminates the most common mode of failure (hub to end disc weld)
  • Tapered profile end disc shape reduces the bending force transferred from the shaft onto the pulley.
  • Hub distortion is greatly reduced since there is no hub to end disc weld.
  • Available with XT hubs or B106 keyless locking assemblies


PPI Pro Duty Drum pulleys are the only pulleys with a


Note: 10 year warrenty covers Pro Duty Pulley only; not lagging, shafting or bearings.

PPI Drum Pulleys


Completely redesigned using PFEA in combination with their IP life program. Steel rims, hubs, and discs are fused into an integral component by a continuous submerged arc welded bond that maximizes pulley strength, balance, and concentricity. Available with various hub and bushing systems.

  • Drum Conveyor Pulleys are constructed with a standard crown face unless otherwise specified
  • Not designed for use with steel cable or high modulus belts

Engineered Class Drum Pulley

Bulk handling systems are moving to larger conveyors and increased capacities. The high modules, high tension belts require pulleys of much higher capacity and durability than standard units. PPI has the experience, know how, and equipment to custom design (using our PFEA in combination with our IP-Life model) and fabricate pulleys for each pulley location and application. PPI Engineered Class Pulleys are supplied with various hub and bushing systems.