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LIFTUBE┬« is a modular system that optimizes sealing of any existing conveyor belt (any width, any length, PVC, rubber, etc.) between the loading point and the unloading point. Instead of being in contact with idlers, the belt slides on a single central idler roller set up between lateral glide boards. Both idler roller and glide boards are tiltable to allow easy access when needed.

A removable hood can be set up on top to ensure the reduction of airborne dust from the conveyor. Components are standard; the dimensions of the central idler and hood will only vary with the width of the conveyor belt.  This patented system, made of standard, adaptable, designed components, can be set up on existing or new installations.


  1. Environment: reduction of airborne dust, between loading and unloading, conforms to ISO 14001.
  2. Quality: the product is totally protected. No material contamination is possible.
  3. Complete safety : protection of pinch points.
  4. Drastic reduction in maintenance.
  5. Loading capacity: optimization of conveying rates.
  6. Standard, adaptable, designed components.
  7. The LIFTUBE® can be installed without changing the existing power supply.


Before Liftube

After Liftube Installation