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Dunrite Rubber & Plastic is celebrating 30 years of servicing clients in the bulk material handling industries! Established in February 1985, Dunrite's mission was to advance techniques in order to provide the best possible service in the least amount of time. Our priority was to minimize our client's downtime due to unscheduled conveyor system breakdowns. Over the years, Dunrite has expanded beyond emergency repair to supply our clients with a broader range of maintenance services, offering on-site scheduled maintenance and inspection services.

Dunrite Specialty Coatings (DSC), our newest division, expands our services even further. Specializing in a variety of coating techniques and using products such as ceramics and urethanes, we can help clients to protect equipment and structures against physical wear, chemical attack and corrosion.

Today, Dunrite carries a variety of product lines including belting, scrapers, idlers, and other components. Combined with our installation and maintenance services, we can offer a complete solution for most of our clients' needs. We specialize in servicing all major industrial sectors including mining, forestry, steel and aggregates.

At Dunrite, we believe it is essential to provide our clients with the best possible service through constant improvement and technical innovation. By continuously developing our employees, equipment, and technology, we can provide the highest quality and safest products and services while consciously aiding in the reduction of environmental impact.

Have a look around our website for more information on how Dunrite can supply, install, and service your belting needs!

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