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Protect equipment & structures against physical wear, chemical attack & corrosion.

Dunrite Specialty Coating (DSC), a division of Dunrite Rubber & Plastic, was established in 2006 in order to expand Dunrite's ability to fully service the needs of their clients. In the last few years, a shift from using rubber products to using ceramics in certain applications to protect against physical wear, chemical attack and corrosion has become apparent.

This division allows Dunrite to utilize new technologies, products, and applications that are emerging in this industry. DSC supplies coating products for all types of applications: light, medium, and heavy duty. Not only do we specialize in supplying the right product for our client's specific application, we also install or apply the product!!

Sandblasting & Painting

DSC has the ability to sandblast and paint a variety of structures and equipment.

Sandblasting & Applying Ceramics

Sandblasting and applying ceramics to structures and equipment helps protect against wear, corrosion and chemical attack. DSC can apply ceramics using sprays, grouts, tile and reinforced composites.


Sprays are used to protect against corrosion, chemical attack and light wear. Structures and equipment that spray ceramics are used on include but are not limited to:


Grouts are used to protect steel surfaces from medium wear, chemical attack and corrosion. Structures and equipment that grout is used on include but are not limited to:


Tiles are used to protect steel from heavy wear. Structures and equipment tiles are used on includes but is not limited to:

DSC Facilities & Mobile Services

In addition to  our in-shop paint and sandblasting facilities, DSC has a mobile unit which allows us to conveniently provide on-site painting & sandblasting services to our clients. 

Reinforced Composites

Reinforced composites are used to protect concrete surfaces from heavy wear and chemical attack. Structures and equipment that reinforced composites are used on includes but not limited to:

Additional Services

Dunrite Specialty Coatings can also offer clients the following services:

Conveyor Products

Dunrite is a master distributor for many quality manufacturers of conveyor products. Our ability to stock a wide variety of products allows us to meet critical and emergency situations promptly.

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Whether you’re having problems with your belt conveyors, need scheduled maintenance or material handling parts, we have a team of highly trained specialists and a parts manufacturing and distribution division to meet your needs. 

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